The following poets, priests and politicians have participated in at least one Grant R Production. They are listed in alphabetical order and links have been provided for those artists with their own home pages.
  • Atomic Elroy - Purveyor of the avant garde in Southern Colorado for many years. Still loves to refer to his Dinner Theatre Years. Did a solo turn for the IDPB's first appearance in Longmont, CO. Check out his comprehensive website for what he's been doing lately.
  • Tom Bruner - The Original Artuad of Cowtown. (Ft. Worth, TX) Quieted only by SCAPEGRACE MENU, he can rant for up to ten hours straight. Was ID'd in Longmont, CO even though he is 38 years old. Performed at the IDPB Longmont show, May 25th as well as Dallas and Ft. Worth's IDPB.
    Joe Christ - underground filmmaker. used to haunt Dallas, then NY, now Denver. Most notorious film "Communion In Room 410" (1988) in which a four hundred pound woman slashes herself. Artist Most Likely to Be Rabidly Hated. Featured at the Longmont, Colorado IDPB.
  • Brian Crabtree - Texas boy poet wonder. Performed at the Denver IDPB.
  • Dev Null - industrial band with subculture influences. based in Kansas City, MO. have band, will travel. red body paint, a g-string, and a killer smile. Opened both Dallas and Ft. Worth IDPB shows.
    Flesh Fetish - Incredible performing fetish/musicians from San Antonio, Texas. must be seen live to be believed. fire and leather. drums and piercing. very cool. rocked the house at both Dallas and FW IDPB shows.
    G and H - The Bonnie and Clyde of post modern poetry. Born and bred in Texas. Principal partners of Grant R Productions. Performed at both Colorado IDPB shows as well as Dallas and Ft. Worth IDPB.
  • John Gross and the Colorado Zine Pool - Man, this guy can rock. Head of the CZP, he helps organize interesting weird little happenings in Denver all the time...dancing....shadows dancing within spacy projections on the walls....laying on the zines from all over....sets up a great booth at the Ball complete with lights, sound, and creative spirit. At both Colorado IDPB shows.
  • Little Fyodor - What can be said about Little Fyodor and his faithful sidekick Babushka??? They're a little on the strange side of Strange....sort of a revved up punk Weird Al....nice lyrics stabbing fun at all of the commercialized shit around....and man, did we dig the Dance of the Salted Slug. From Denver. Performed at the Denver IDPB, July 6th, 1996. Also did great sets at the IDPB in Dallas and FW. Most recently abducted by the future and reappeared at UROFAX '97 on Colfax in Denver.
    Peter McPhee - McPhee flew in from his home in Toronto for the first IDPB. An organizer of his own poetry festival in Canada, McPhee has a very fluid delivery and performs at times with the backing of a nifty little jazz combo.
  • Juventino R. Manzano - Performance poet bent on having his say on what he perceives in society today. Has a strong piece focusing on pornography and the attitudes in/out/and around it. Did a bus trip from Austin to Colorado to perform at the Longmont IDPB, May 25th, 1996.
  • William Bryan Massey III - Fort Worth's own white trash garage poet. One of the world's most incredible drummers. was important in the early texas punk scene. started writing poetry in his thirties. don't fuck with him, he'll gitcha every time. Performed at Dallas and FW IDPB shows.
  • Millward/McClave - Two Brits, George Millward and Brian McClave, transplanted to these here shores. Millward does that DJ techno thing in his spare time. Together, they've collaborated to produce experimental video/sound exploring themes of human physical, spiritual, and technical evolution. Premiered video at first IDPB in Longmont, Colorado. Featured showing at the Mercury IDPB in Denver.
  • Miss Understood and the Falsies is a group of rapturous noisemakers that formed under the mad genius influence of a society gone asunder. The alter-ego/Drag persona Miss Understood is the creation of Lee Turner that allows a freedom of expression, a voice if you will, for a character caught in a multiple personality trap. Miss Understood advocates the consumption of life, the pursuit of dreams, love of sexually deviant muscle-boy stupid fucks, deformers, and freaks of all nature. With this in mind, and tired of drag queen lyp synch, Miss Understood sought out the Falsies to assist in the development of her singer/songwriter/punk rock/superstar image, and music was made. The collaboration has created such hits as "I got my tongue pierced to suck your dick", "Hold on to it, Boy", and "Straight Oscar is a Homophobe". The group currently resides in Austin, Texas, Cultural Capital of the World. Performed at the Longmont IDPB, May 25, 1996.
  • Moaning Llamas/Psychic Dogs - Extremely underground word-noise band that haunted the Dallas-Ft. Worth club/art scene in the late eighties. Four poets/musicians collaborated to create controlled chaos that was vaguely entertaining. great live show. Kevin E. White, Lizard, G, and H. Performed at the FW IDPB for a one-time reunion.
  • DJ NITRO - Ex-patriot returning to U.S.A. after time abroad. Performed at LOVE PARADE in Berlin (250,000 people), resident DJ at SPACE in Germany and Club Hollywood in Holland, guest DJ at numerous clubs in Europe. Currently producing underground dance records. Very special guest for both Colorado IDPB shows.
  • Noise Between Stations - synthesizes elements of Industrial, Ambient, Techno, and Noise to create an onslaught of rhythm and texture. NBS is about creating a TotalProcessMachine (tm) which astounds the audience inured to only "cute" light shows and "depeche mode" clothing statements. "To be at a NBS performance is to see and hear and smell something that you've never experienced before."-Mikey Robert, WesWordz. Mesmerizing and eating dogfood at UROFAX '97 in Denver, Colorado.
  • Question Authority, The - evolving lineup of Dallas poets that perform together. Did a set at the Dallas IDPB.
  • Clebo Rainey - Slam Master and performance poet. Runs the Club Clearview weekly Friday nite slam in Dallas as well as many other Dallas poetry festivals. Seems like he's been around for ever. Very dynamic and can pack 3 minutes with a spewful of words. Performed at the Denver IDPB, July 6th, 1996 as well as the Dallas IDPB, Oct. 3rd, 1996.
    Ruby My Dear - Denver super lounge band ready to swill martinis at a moment's drop of the hat. Lots of slick covers of old standards... 'ol Blue Eyes would weep he would be so proud. Did a really cool cover of a Kurt Cobain song during their spectacular opening performance at the Mercury IDPB in Denver, July 6th, 1996. Working up to do a Holiday Inn Tour.
    Sandbox Mystery Theatre - Incredible avant puppetry from the artist Roger Beauchamp with help from Jim Finster, John, and Christopher. Hand made puppets bubbling up from Roger's subconscious is a scary thing indeed. Beauchamp also illustrates an ongoing comic universe. Makes his homebase in Denver. Performed at the Denver IDPB, July 6th, 1996 and performed and helped create UROFAX '97/Denver.
    SCAPEGRACE MENU - Can physically lay eggs on stage. Must be under constant supervision. Apparently lives in Ft. Collins, Colorado. Performed at the Longmont show, May 25th, 1996. Also appeared live and disturbed in Denver at UROFAX '97.
    SCI-FI UTERUS - "young weary strangers we've roamed this haunted land. thirsting, we dug. we discovered broken treasures. we found instruments, books and records in a garage buried in a desert (in what was once pittsburgh, pennsylvania), after the fallout. the garage our womb, our past, present, and future. we are not a band, we are survivors. we exist in the heat daily. we are dancers on a rim of fire. we are a performance in the cool catacombs of a future predicted." *stif sprig. Landed into reality during the opening of UROFAX '97 in Denver.
  • The Solitary Man - appeared out of thin air at UROFAX in Denver. Stayed hidden and alone in his dark synthetic world. Available for one-on-one conversation through wired transmitters. Will consider e-mail communication for his most devoted fans between his performances at underground events. He is your best friend, your confidante, your priest..
  • Jim Stiene - "Live" in Denver at UROFAX '97 via prerecorded video footage. His looped masterpiece "Profiles in Stupidity" provided hours and hours of Steine's annoying yet hilarious monologues. For a real treat that keeps on giving, e-mail Jim for hours and hours of fun to come.
  • Val Lude - phenomenal debut at the IDPB Longmont, CO show of this performance poet's vision. Rumor has it, he has shaved his beard. Creates a space for his poetry from his own inner space. Still living in Colorado...we think. Was a partner of Grant R Productions for the first four IDPB shows. Performed at both Colorado IDPB shows and Dallas IDPB. Was harassed by Weasel Boy but handled it like a true poet. Has recently disappeared.
    Weasel Boy - actually attended the original Sex Pistols show at the Longhorn Ballroom in Dallas, TX. Impressive line of handmade chapbooks. Former member of Moaning Llamas/Psychic Dogs and seminal Cowtown punk band PLAYTHINGS. Besides doing solo gigs, performs and collaborates w/rant artist Tom Bruner on a joint project using only skewed guitar and unsane voice for the "aural lobotomy of pop culture" - ARTKILL. A Fort Worth boy thru and thru. Performed at the Longmont show, May 25th, 1996 as well as his offering of "weasel moments" at both the dallas and fw extravaganzas.
  • Winona Righteous - She has come from a galaxy far away to reincarnate into the form of a human female. Her sole purpose on this dying planet is to sing and play her songs of the trials and tribulations of her assimilation into the hostile human race; and to share her message of peace, love, and bizarre sexual ritual in hope that the human race may still be saved. Alan Smith, misanthropic punkrocker and artiste extraordinaire, has returned from self-imposed exile to help Winona spread her vision, which will aid us all in finding the punished misunderstood alien within, writhing and foaming and clawing at our insides. She will coax these howling beings out for one hell of an interplanetary party! Righteous! Led the dancing for both nights of UROFAX '97 on Colfax.
  • Wryeteous Pybayk Jammbory - Out of Denver, the Wryeteous Pybayk Jammbory is a tasty combination of neurotic opera ballads and melodramatic hymns of hellfire and brimstone with pagan drums, funky hallucinating bass, elastically lyrical guitar, extrasensory vocals, and violins spinning in from the outer realms. Some call the music Julie Andrews gone mad; others dub it colorful landscapes of psychodrama with numerous carefully hidden traps, tantalizingly peaceful meadows, and partially concealed doors to unknown realms of knowledge and experience. Mary Poppins fronting the Velvet Underground approximates a WPJ performance. Performed at both Colorado IDPB shows.
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